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Are you ready to launch or grow your own business? Do you want to learn from the best in the world? Then you need to check out our amazing online resource that gives you unlimited access to the wisdom and guidance of global business gurus, successful entrepreneurs, and ivy league universities. In the website you will learn how to spot opportunities, create value, build teams, raise funds, and scale your venture. Whether you have an idea, a prototype, or an existing business, the lectures will help you take it to the next level.

But wait, there's more! If you want to get personalized coaching and consulting services from our team of experts, you can also hire our Startup Business Coaches, Startup Business Consultants, Marketing Coaches, Marketing Consultants for getting Customized One to One Coaching and Consultancy and Services for yourself or your team. They will help you with everything from strategy, marketing, sales, finance, operations, and more. You will get the support and feedback you need to succeed in your entrepreneurial journey. To know more about what Startup Lessons can do for you get in touch with us. We want you to learn from the best and become the best. Don't let it pass you by. Join us today and start your own business adventure! Just Start!

Do note that our website is soon going to become more than just a collection of lectures and customized consultancy services. It is going to be a platform where you can interact with other aspiring entrepreneurs like yourself, share your challenges and successes, get feedback and support, and network with potential partners and investors.

You will also be able to join our exclusive online events, where you can hear from the speakers live, ask them questions, and learn from their experiences. You can also access our curated resources, such as articles, books, podcasts, videos, and tools that will help you grow your business skills and knowledge.

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About the Publisher/Editor

Aditya is an UN Award Winning Serial Digital Media Entrepreneur and Internet Marketer and has 20+ years expertise in Online Business Models and Digital Brand Building. He has judged the International Digital Emmy Awards three times, 2009-2011 (iEmmy). He was also featured in the list of Top 50 Thinkers in India (2014).

Online Entrepreneur:

Aditya is building more than a Dozen Digital Media Brands in the sectors of Business Startups, Personal Finance, Cinema, Music, Documentaries, Sports, News, Research etc. Previously Aditya also ran a PR Distribution and News and Entertainment site which he launched way back in 2003.
His latest venture “Startup Lessons', is a project which helps Startup Companies and Entrepreneurs learn the nuts and bolts of launching a Startup Company, attract investments and scale up.

Pan Media Expertise:

Aditya has been part of 5 Documentary Series (40+ Episodes) and over 10 Documentary Films for TV Channels and Government Organisations. Aditya has also directed/produced Corporate Films for some leading private and public companies including the Indian Army. He has also produced 2 Non-Fiction Radio Series and developed a 13 Episode Radio Fiction Series concept for an NGO.

International Projects:

Aditya produced an outsourced Radio Segment for a Danish Radio Station, Radio SYV24, and did some outsourced Editorial work for BON TV, China. He has also consulted startups from Switzerland and South Africa on how to leverage the power of marketing.

He Consults On:

  • Brand Development
  • 360 Degree Marketing
  • Digital Engagement
  • Digital A/V Production
  • Omni-Channel Content Creation
  • OTT Platforms
  • Online Publishing
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • CMS (Content Management Systems)
  • LMS (Learning Management Systems)
  • CDN (Content Delivery Networks)
  • DAM (Digital Asset Management)
  • Cloud Invoicing, Billing and Accounting
  • Business Startup Launches

His Specialties:

  • Content Strategy
  • Marketing and Branding
  • e-Publishing
  • e-Learning
  • e-Commerce
  • A/V Production and Streaming
  • OTT Platforms
  • Startup Consultancy

LinkedIn Connect: Aditya Basu
Blog: Aditya Basu

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